About us

World Wellness Organization - WWO

A Social Action Movement.

Our Vision:
To Create a world of wellness.

- an idea whose time has come and it is Now ...  Now… and  Now !

Our Mission:

To create Wellness Consciousness among One Billion (100 Crores) People in the World by the year 2020 to reach the critical mass of Wellness energy.

Our Commitment:

World Wellness organization is committed to shift the illness consciousness to wellness consciousness and to make Wellness and Wellbeing an integral part of everyday living of every human being.

What do we achieve?

Wellness and Wellbeing for Oneself, One’s Family, One’s society and thus for the world Community.

What are the dimensions of Wellness?

  • Physical Wellness.                
  • Emotional Wellness.             
  • Spiritual Wellness.                
  • Financial Wellness.               
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Social Wellness.
  • Cultural Wellness.
  • Environmental Wellness.

What are the 10 Commands?

  1. Meditate and Exercise

  2. Eat Moderate

  3. Go Vegetarian

  4. Drink 3 Liters of Water

  5. Eat 3 Hours Before Sleep

  6. Check your words

  7. Vibrate Love

  8. Live Gratitude

  9. Care Mother Earth

  10. Manage your Stress


Wellness is our birthright !

How do we contribute?

We can contribute/By participating,
By spreading Wellness Awareness,
By Leading Wellness Action Projects,
By Suggestions and Ideas.

Come and Participate !
In anyway you want.
In anyway you feel.
In anyway comfortable.

To spend Wellness Consciousness

Are there any Fees ?
No... No… No… Fees!

How do we Participate ?
First, you become a Wellness Volunteer.
Each committed Volunteer participates in activities and projects, which includes Educating, Engaging and empowering to spread the Wellness Awareness at all levels of our society.
If you are committed to Wellness, becoming a Wellness Volunteer is Simple.

Step - A: Learn the Ten Commandments of Wellness Lifestyle.

Step - B: Commit to live Wellness Commandments by signing-up as Wellness Volunteer on the website: www.wwo.me

Step - C:  Start  living the Wellness Commandments in your daily life. You are now a Wellness Volunteer.

Step - D: Teach the TEN Wellness commandments to TEN of your family and friends within TEN days and Empower them to follow you-Each One, Teach Ten. To Ten in Ten days. Sign them at: www.wwo.me as a volunteer.

Congratulations! Now you are a Wellness Warrior.

You can make a difference !
Together we can make an Impact !

Feel the Spirit of total wellness in and around you.

  • We spread the message by Learning, Committing, Living, Teaching and Empowering others on the TEN commandments of Wellness Life-style.
  • Wellness becomes a part of our everyday life.
  • We initiate and undertake projects and activities in the domains of Wellness and Wellbeing.
  • The feeling of Wellness and Wellbeing is further enhanced and sustained by participation in Wellness Projects and sharing with family and friends.
  • Your Participation has a multiplier effect especially when we are instrumental in spreading the message of wellness. It has a wave-like effect engulfing all in its purview.
  • We will reach the critical mass in Wellness energy by 2020 which will explode to reach every human being on this planet earth.

We participate from our own commitment to serve other fellow human beings to experience Love, Joy, Happiness and Abundance in their lives.
 A Wellness Volunteer and Warrior lives out of the commitment that empowering others is empowering oneself.

What is Wellness ?

Living wellness is a choice you make. It is a decision you make to stay healthy.

To have a fulfilling life is a universal human desire. Such a life is defined by many attributes. We call it a life of wellness. Wellness is a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. We are all human beings and are meant to feel well. We are not called human doings but human beings.

Wellness is an on-going life style, which requires taking responsibility and making healthy choices. Wellness is a dynamic process. It promotes individual well-being through a balance and harmony of all the dimensions of wellness. What are the dimensions of wellness? Physical wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, financial wellness, social wellness, cultural wellness, intellectual wellness and environmental wellness.