Wellness Tips

1. Smile

All your facial muscles will be exercised and you will look youthful and cool. A smile brings a lot of internal and external calm. A smile can even win you an enemy.

2. Take care of your body

If you take care of your body today, it will give back to you with interest whenever, you require it later. The body is responsible for your presence today.

3. Your body is your best friend

The time you spend for your body is the best time you give to yourself. Your body is your most faithful friend.

4. Understand your body signals

The body continuously gives you signals which are both  positive and negative. Becoming aware of them is what is required of you.

5. Nurture your body like a child

Let’s stop abusing our body. instead, let us treat it like  a child. When we give a lot of care and attention, we reap a cumulative benefit.

6. Use all parts of your body proportionately

In our day-to-day activities, we should ensure that we start using all our parts of the body rather than over using some parts and underusing the rest.

7. Exercise regularly

Set aside a time every day to exercise physically. We need to strike a balance between our mind and the body.

8. Eat healthy food

To remain healthy, we need to be always conscious that we eat the right food.

9. Work on a personalized balanced diet

The diet we eat is like the clothes we wear, it has to fit us right. Moreover, it is not the same food that suits all.

10. Focus on the food you eat

Whenever we are having a meal, let us try not to speak in person or on our cell phones to our friends or associates.

11. Have a sound sleep daily

Let us develop the ability to wake up when we want and sleep whenever required irrespective of our alarm and the snooze button.

12. Set workable goals for your personal and professional life

A goal has to be achieved by us. Let us plan ahead to make it achievable.

13. Learn and practice the art of prioritising

It is very essential to develop self-organization skills like prioritisation. This will ensure that all of the planned activities are fulfilled.

14. Regularly unlearn and relearn new ways of doing things

The art of forgetting, is very essential in order to learn newer things for life, both professional and personal.

15. Live in the present

Today is the moment of action. It sets the path for tomorrow’s activities. Do not worry about tomorrow.

16. Learn from you past experiences

Past life is meant only to gather wisdom and goodness. Let us not look at what was not accomplished.

17. Handle time effectively

Time is the best resource that is available in common to the entire world. By managing time effectively, we can take control of all the things around us.

18. Understand the art of working with people

If we understand our personal style of handling and operating internally and take control, working with others becomes easy.

19. Spend quality time with your family

Let the available time at home be spent with minimal technological accompaniments. Let only human voices and silence reverberate.

20. Go on a family outing once in every quarter

The physical time and space for the family is much more than the mental space and time. When this is out of home and office, it has its own energy.

21. Spend thoughtfully for your children

Spend for your children as an extension of yourself and not out of guilt and as a compensation for the time and energy, you have not spent.

22. Indulge in some spiritual activity

We have to remember that we always have to be connected to our higher self, irrespective of form.

23. Invest in a meaningful hobby

Hobbies keep us alive and energetic in this busymechanised life of today. Invest on meaningful hobbies that give you satisfaction.

24. Energise your external and internal being

Learn ways and means of energising yourself, both internally and externally. Evaluate and pick from the available options.

25. Spend time with nature

Nature is bountiful and a connection with her will help us remain closest to our true selves.

60 Action Points for You and your Family

Would you like to participate in the Wellness Campaign of World Wellness Organization (WWO)? Would you like to prevent diseases instead of a fight later? Would you like to live healthy, happy and long with your family members?

Well, get into action. Create Wellness Magic in you and in your family. Set an example of yourself by following wellness commandments with a self demonstration. Obviously, as a thumb rule, you can participate in the Wellness Campaign of World Wellness Organization   when you follow the wellness commandments yourself and set an example by leading from the front. Here is a list of 60 Wellness Tips for you and for our family to follow wellness regime.

1. Wear a Wellness Smile always. Always be positive. Carry an ‘I Can’ attitude.

2. Wear a very strong ‘Wellness Posture’. Show the world who you are

3. Honor & respect your words. Be in complete integrity with everyone & everything

4. Gift yourself with a ‘Wellness Gift’ periodically to remind you of your commitment

5. Dedicate 20 minutes of your time to quality reading on ‘Wellness Topic’

6. Live in the present. Don’t carry ‘past’ baggage and don’t worry about the future

7. Feel connected with the super power and Mother Nature. Be spiritual

8. Prepare a weekly ‘Wellness Menu’ and mind what you are eating

9. Eat moderate. Make a sincere effort to eat just 50% of your current food

10. Use more and more vegetables and fruits, preferably organically grown

11. Eat all color vegetables (Not just green; Use carrot, beat root etc)

12. Prepare smoothie regularly and initiate a ‘Meal Replacement Program’

13. Avoid 5 white poisons: Rice, Sugar, Milk, Salt and White floor

14. Practice 1 Hour in the morning or in the evening as ‘Wellness Hour”, daily

15. Practice 1 Day in a week as a ‘Wellness Week’

16. Initiate a Family Wellness Exercise Routine

17. Empower every family member to be present for the dinner and eat together

18. Spend 1o minutes with your family to speak/discuss about ‘Wellness’ every night after dinner. Let’s call it ‘Post Dinner Wellness Discussion’

19. Make a sincere attempt to improve your personal hygiene

20. Mind your and your family members’ water intake

21. Eat (sip) water (Drink slowly & frequently); Eat solid food (Chew it enough

22. After dinner have a small ‘Laughing Session’ to relieve stress

23. Informally get into some entertainment such as singing, joke etc after dinner

24. Say ‘I Love You’ to every team member in your family at least once in a day

25. Forgive & forget the days ‘upsets’ by setting it up. Close the day with ‘I Love You’

26. Prepare different posters on various wellness themes/topics and display/ stick/ hang them at various places available in your house

27. Send ‘Wellness SMSs’ daily. For instance send 1 Wellness Commandment everyday

28. Prepare a Annual Calendar with ’10 Commandments of Wellness’

29. Buy a ‘weighing scale’ at home and check your weight/obesity/BMI regularly

30. Reduce reading ‘Newspapers’ and watching ‘TV Soup Operas/Serials’

31. Use steps instead of lifts, elevators or escalators and keep yourself fit

32. Check your blood sugar levels, at least once in a month and keep a regular watch

33. Use a respectful and civilized Wellness language. Avoid loose/casual talk

34. Send ‘Wellness Cards’ through your children to distribute it to two students daily

35. Send ‘Wellness thought for the day/power words everyday either by SMS or Email

36. Create the concept of ‘Wellness Kitchen’. Let it be the source for Wellness Food

37. Brush your teeth daily twice i.e. in the morning and before you go to bed

38. Watch out your bowel movement. Ideally, go to toilet as many times you eat

39. Do Yoga (Pranayama) practically daily

40. Observe ‘Silence/Mouna’ daily for some time to refresh your find and introspect

41. Set up ‘Mini Wellness Library’ at home. Collect good books, journals & magazines

42. Organize ‘Wellness Evenings’ with your neighbors/relatives in the evenings

43. Plan ‘Wellness Outing’ periodically / frequently / once in a month as per schedule

44. Send ‘Wellness Cards’ containing Greetings of all occasions

45. Grow ‘Medicinal Plants (such as Tulsi etc) and use them as ‘Home Remedies’

46. Save Water and electricity as a responsible citizen. Use them sparingly.

47. Reduce consuming too much of toxin drinks such as Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks etc

48. Avoid junk (processed/synthetic/fried) food. Use natural health supplements

49. Avoid using synthetic clothes. Use comfortable cotton clothes

50. Go for an ‘Annual Master Health Check Up’ and keep a close watch on your health

51. Save 10% for your future and ensure your financial Wellness

52. Completely avoid using Credit Cards (Avoid spending money that is not yours)

53. Plan your monthly budgets. Keep a track of your income and expenses

54. Be a responsible citizen. Have PAN card. Pay taxes as per the law of the land

55. Develop a habit of crating assets for you and your family

56. Have a long term vision for the entire family

57. Always feel free to express yourself and share your feelings loudly

58. Give your children enough quality and quantity time. Give them your ‘being’

59. Teach your children ‘Wellness Lifestyle’ from a very young age

60. Follow ’10 Awake India Civic Codes’

60 Action points for Your Team

 Are you benefited from the 10 commandments of World Wellness Organization? Is your lifestyle changed? Would you like to share this benefit with your family members, neighbors, relatives, friends and even strangers?

 They say if you have a will there is a way! Well, with us it is much better! If you have the smallest desire to spread Wellness we have as many as 60 Wellness Tips for you!

 Check which region and state you belong to. Check what is your regional and state wise target is and commit yourself to participate in our Wellness Campaign by committing yourself into action by accepting a target that will challenge you to get into the action.  Here are the 60 Wellness Tips for your Team.


1.  Distribute ‘Wellness Leaflets/Pamphlets/Slips/Chits’ at any busy places, weekly

2.   Send ‘Wellness SMSs’ to your to people in your Cell Phone Address Book

3.   Enroll/impress local writers/journalists/reporters to write ‘Wellness Articles’

4.     Arrange ‘Wellness Seminars’ in schools to reach out to students, parents and staff

5.   Organize Wellness Seminars at religious places as a community Wellness campaign

6.   Use train/train stations, bus/bus station to distributes ‘Wellness Message Cards’

7.   Arrange Wellness Seminars at NGOs, Clubs, Organizations & Corporate Companies

8.   Arrange Wellness Seminars at Banks, Police Stations, Institutes & Health Clubs

9.   Organize Special Wellness Seminars for Senior Citizens

10. Wellness Seminars for Sports Organizations, Beauty Parlors, Women (Kitty Parties)

11. Keep ‘Wellness Information Leaflets’ at cash centers of Super Market/Malls

12. Use Library/Other public places to distribute ‘Free Wellness Information’

13. Forward Emails to people about Wellness

14. Conduct marathon / Rallies / Human Chains / Exhibitions etc

15. Create a songs/jingles on 10 commandments

16. Make a Wellness CD and dub it in many regional languages

17. Organize competitions and debates on Wellness

18. Hold public meetings in stadiums, open places and grounds once on 6 months

19. Contact local channels and media to promote programs/articles on Wellness

20. Organize local wellness camps

21. Contact spiritual TV Channels (such as Aaastha) to air TV programs

22. Prepare street dramas/skits/mimicry etc to spread wellness message

23. Organize road shows and motor cycle rallies

24. Promote GET Whatever You Want workshop in a big way in school

25. Organize 10 minutes ‘Street Corner’ meetings

26. Respect Mother Nature

27. Create greenery around you by protecting existing and planting new trees

28. Form local Wellness Councils

29. Educate/advocate use of herbs for diseases

30. Organize team meetings on Wellness for your team members

31. Have a Water Watch report to check its quality and report to government body

32. Promote cotton fabric

33. Promote organic foods

34. Avoid the use of plastic/polythene  bags

35. Use sign boards at highways and road dividers

36. Supply 10 commandments posters to school

37. Build love and relationship through team spirit

38. Enroll doctors into wellness

39. Prepare ‘prescription pads with wellness messages to doctors

40. Print 10 commandments behind the visiting cards

41. Organize Wellness Home meetings

42. Organize Wellness Women Organization

43. Organize Children Wellness Club

44. Reach 10 commandments to the masses

45. Set Team Goals to team members

46. Distribute small wellness gifts

47. Have a house-to-house campaign everyday

48. Have stalls, exhibition umbrellas in colonies

49. Organize door hanger campaign

50. Promote 10 commandments in hospitals, clinics, pathology labs, cyber cafes, cinema slides

51. Prepare car stickers

52. Look out for free banners on the web sites

53. Request local corporate companies to sponsor wellness programs

54. Prepare Wellness Jackets

55. Request for some time to present 10 commandments during other events

56. Print 10 commandments at the backside of drama, movie tickets

57. Look out for free cinema slides as it is for a cause

58. Create Wellness Youth Clubs

59. Create Wellness campaigns at gyms and adventure clubs

60. Create wellness carry bags

61. Adopt technology and science

62. Teach people to become service

63. Wear wellness badges, t-shirts, bands and caps 


Do you like to drink a lot of chilled / refrigerated / cold water?

Kindly read this!

If you drink a glass of refrigerated water after or during a meal, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff (food) that you have just consumed. This will slow down the digestion. Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer.

Solution: Avoid refrigerated liquids during meals as far as possible. Instead drink a cup of hot soup before or warm water after a meal.